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Girl Scout Camp

Now that we’re back into the swing of the school routine (ALREADY!), it’s time to organize some of the memories from our summer adventures! We had a jam packed summer, including our first ever visit to Girl Scout Camp!

Before we went to camp, I made each of the girls a song book. I typed out each of the songs we had learned and had them printed as 4X6 photos. Then I scrapped a front and back cover and had them printed as 4X6 photos too! All that was left was to slide all the photos into little plastic photo albums which I was able to pick up at Wal-Mart on clearance for 50 cents each. The photos were printed using Coke Reward points to help keep the cost of the printing down! I was so pleased with how they turned out, and I think the girls were too because I saw more than one song book got packed along to camp with us!

 Song Book

I used A Girl Scout Can by The Kit Cart Desgins for the cover pages. You can find it at her Etsy store here:

Because this was our first camp experience, I wanted to make sure it was special for the girls. I got together a few little suprises and was able to sneak them in to their cabins while they were off enjoying camp activities!

On the first night, I left them each a notebook and a pen. The notebooks were in a package of 3 at Dollar Tree. I also picked up the flowers and florist tape while I was there. The pens came from Target during one of their back to school promotional sales. I paid just over $1.00 for a bag of pens. I had some super cute little cookie cards that were given to me by one of the parents, so on the back of each one I wrote “A spot for your thoughts” before tying it all together with ribbon. The whole set cost me less than $1.00/girl!


I was able to sneak away from the girls after dinner to leave this little surprise on their pillows on our first night!


I also had a fun Camp Mad Libs paper that I left for them. You can find it here:

The next surprise was probably my favourite. I just fell in LOVE with these little toilet paper roll owls when I saw them on Pinterest and knew I needed to make some! Luckily I had quite a few empty toilet paper rolls in my stash, and TONS of scrap paper, so there was very little cost involved in this project!


Inside each owl was a Lip Smacker. I picked those up in a package of 2 for $1.00 at Dollar Tree. I also had printed out some good advice from a pillow treat post I saw at It’s All About Stamping. You can check out the post here:


To leave this surprise, I had to sneak away from the girls during one of their morning sessions so it would be waiting for them in their cabins after lunch.


               You can find inspriation for the owl treat boxes here:             

The final surprise for the weekend was the perfect thing to take to our campfire night!

Glow Sticks

I had a bunch of glow sticks already, so I just printed off a label and attached them to a piece of red cardstock.  The labels are actually a free printable valentine that I found here:

I snuck these ones in so they were ready to go when the sun went down!

Duffy and Dolly

There were lots of ideas on Pinterest for “Pillow Treats”, but most of them involved food. The camps in our council have a very strict “no food in the cabins” policy, so I wasn’t able to use any of those cute ideas. Which means I’ll have to put even MORE thought in to it if the girls want to go back again next year!

I’d love to hear from you if you have any fun traditions you do with your girls at camp, or if you have an ideas for pillow treats that do NOT involve food!

Happy Camping!