Summer of Heroes Freebie

We just got back from a trip to the Disneyland Resort and we were SUPER excited to see all the changes at Disney’s California Adventure! I have to admit, I was one of those “not MY tower” people when the announcement was first made to re-boot the Tower of Terror to Guardians of the Galaxy, but the ride is nothing short of AMAZING! Apparently there are 6 different songs that can accompany your mission to break out the Guardians and each time you enter the gantry lift, it is put on a randomizer, so you never know which series of drops are going to go along with your song. We were able to utilize FastPasses and ride 6 times during our 3 day visit and on 5 of those times we ended up with Born to be Wild, but the series of drops never seemed to be the same. It did not disappoint, but I still don’t think I would wait in the 180 minute stand-by line!

My kids were also looking forward to meeting the Marvel and Avenger characters at the new meet and greets, so I made these autograph cards based on articles we had read on-line as to which characters might be available to meet. We attended the Dance Off Party with Star Lord and Gamora but they didn’t stick around for autographs, which makes sense since they had just been broken out of the collection. Groot also came to the party and stayed for a meet and greet, but he wasn’t able to sign autographs. I plan on using these as journal cards when I get ready to scrap! Oh, and if you find yourself outside the ride – make sure you find a Photopass photographer in front of the sign for a magic shot with Baby Groot!

Click on the image, or the link below to add them to your collection!
Marvel Autograph Cards Freebie

We had better luck getting autographs from the Avengers characters. Black Widow has a very dramatic entry to her meet and greet area finally arriving on the back of her truck. She was very personable and told the kids to ask Spiderman and Captain America why they didn’t have a ride like hers! Captain America and Spiderman were two of our most favorite meet and greets ever! They spent a lot of time talking to each of their visitors and took the time to pose everyone in their best superhero poses.

Click on the image, or the link below to add them to your collection!
Preview_Avengers Autograph Cards Freebie

Even if you don’t have plans to attend the Summer of Heroes, I hope you enjoy the cards!

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!


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